Sunday, January 4, 2009

Angry on a whim

I am so glad the holidays are over. Personally, I think it's become too much of a commercial holiday.

I don't come from a wealthy family who gave me what I wanted when I wanted it. Sure it pissed me off as a kid, but years later as a wife and mother of 2 children I am thankful.

What I got was knowing how important family time is. Toys get broken, memories get locked up in your heart and are held for as long as the memory holds up!

Our big holiday dinner is on Christmas Eve. My hubby started the tradition of Prime Rib and baby we're sticking with it.On Christmas the kids open their presents and then we have another nice meal.

This Christmas I was quite particular with presents. You know the art of stretching a dollar.

This was also the first Christmas the hubby and I didn't exchange presents. Someday we're gonna make up the holiday that we missed. It's not because of mismanagement. It's because bad things happen to good people.

I can't even begin to explain. The thought of someone having no respect for other human beings is beyond me. Many good people who care about a particular job and give it their all are treated like complete shit.

Someday to this person, I hope everything you worked for goes down the tubes. Your arrogance and ignorance is nothing but hateful and hurtful. Not only to your employees, but also their families.

You will not break us. You're making our lives a living hell emotionally and physically. I cannot wait until someone sees what a prize and a hard working, caring man I have. He would make any company proud. I know I am.

So fuck you to the man I can't say. I use the word man loosely.